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Creation, contemplation, violence, destruction. Bruer's paintings are visual documentation of untold stories striving to find their voice. She draws her inspiration from inner dissonance, adverse experience, and unfailing resilience. Process holds the power to her work. She throws herself into each piece, attempting to unite the overbearing dichotomy of her being and to reach a temporary answer to an ever-changing question. Each piece is a complete thought jotted down and worked over until her brain has expelled its energy. The depth of Bruer's art lies in the impulse of the gesture, the emotion in the movement, and the pain of the unheard struggle. The use of text as image ties everything together to become not only a work of art, but an entire cathartic experience for both artist and audience. She aims for her work to inspire the viewer to wonder, to ask questions, and to reach inward for their own answers with reckless abandon. Dive in, design, emote, paint, expel, tell a story, repeat.


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