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Another one of our artists you should know is Hanna Bruer from Madison, WI. Her paintings combine illegible text and grunge textures to create visceral atmospheres. Hanna says her favorite color is green, really she loves them all. A typical painting takes her 1 to 6 hours or so. It really depends on the level of depth, detail, and texture that she is going for in a particular piece. Aside from painting, she also does some work in digital art, creating digital works and videos. Something that might surprise people about her work is that she started doing live painting as a way to combat social anxiety. It's easy for her to get very nervous in social situations, and jumping into something very scary (like painting in front of strangers) has become her way of flipping that nervous energy into something fun and interactive. It has really helped, and she loves it. As for advice to give other artists - Listen to yourself above anyone else. Art is intuitive and very personal. It's easy to get lost in rules and trends, but staying true to yourself and your style is what makes us each unique. We all have something different to bring to the table! For Hanna, there are a lot of benefits to using different brands for different things. Since they're all unique, each one gets a slightly different result, and that can come in really handy.


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