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In Good Company II by Ruth Fromstein

 After a decade in San Diego, in 2020 Ruth decided to move back to her home state of Wisconsin. While currently residing in Stevens Point, she has always had a close relationship with art.. Having grown up in a small town, one of her favorite childhood memories was when her father took her to the only local art store (Sherwin Williams) and simply said “pick something out”. The dilemma of choice has stuck with her all these days and is perhaps the reason why her art takes inspiration from such a variety of styles and techniques. Since then, Ruth has explored the worlds of jewelry, collage, mosaics, graphic design… But on that day with her father, she walked out the store as an animated child with her first set of paints and a blank canvas.

Creating has been the only constant in Ruth’s life and an important form of self-expression. While her bachelors degree is in Vocational Rehabilitation, it was the various art classes that inspired her. She experimented with drawing, design, art metals and weaving. Her art took inspiration from her love of dancing, hiking, backpacking, and nature, imbuing her work with movement, life and a palate as varied as an expansive field of wildflowers gracing the horizon. Ruth is constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques striving to embody in her work the beauty and excitement of the world she sees around and within herself.


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