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Martha The Sheep by Ally Dzurka

Martha The Sheep by Ally Dzurka  measures 16 x 20 inches!

Martha is considered by the herd by an admirable matriarch. She spends her days leading the herd to Lucious green pastures, grand oak trees with the best shade in the pasture, and spring fed creeks. Martha’s confidence and effervescence is contagious and has created a herd of bright and bold ruminants.

Ally Dzurka’s interest in art started at the wee age of… well she is not quite sure. What she do know, is her grandfather is a phenomenal artist and he would sketch horses and cows for her family when she were younger. He was not a professional artist, he owned his own hoof trimming business, and drew and made art for the fun of it. Dzurka remembers when he drew a horse for me her that she consistently tried to redraw and replicate until she could finally draw it on her own.  

Ever since then, Dzurka can remember loving drawing and painting. When there was a project that required a little artistic touch, she was the first one to volunteer. She would always create drawings or paintings as gifts and fell in love with the art of storytelling to accompany her little creations.

Now, her painting has evolved with more clarity, direction, and purpose. Currently Dzurka’s focus is on creating playful and nostalgic work with oil, watercolor, and gouache. Dzurka’s art often has bright and bold colors, quirky animals, or bright landscapes with bold brushstrokes.

Dzurka  paints for the love of painting and connecting with people which will forever be the driving force behind her work. Each animal portrait she creates, is a piece of her!  Her personality, inner dialogue, and interests. Each landscape is a reflection of the places that have touched her in one way or another. The colors are always a combination of her favorite colors and the stories of her art come from her own creativity.

Dzurka hopes her art brings you joy, and the stories bring a smile.


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